Meet Some of the Elves

By Elf Candice Cane

Elves are each different, just like regular people. We are a little shorter (okay, a lot shorter), we usually live a very long time, and when we are around 300 years old our ears become a little pointed.

Below are names of some of the elves you may have heard about or even met.

Click on a photo above for the Elf's Name.

  • Elf Candice Cane — Me, I am responsible for Santa's web site and Facebook page.
  • Elf Samantha Sugarplum — (The elf with the short sleeve red shirt with Santa) Responsible for maintaining the Nice and Naughty lists for Santa. She also helps me with the website, Facebook and Twitter .
  • Elf Lilly Snowdancer – Zumba coach and overall fitness guide for everyone at the North Pole.
  • Elf James Coldman — Builds new magical tools like the Magic Christmas Key he built several years ago for Santa.
  • Elf Jerome Coldman — Brother of Elf James Coldman, Master Tailor and designer of many of Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits.
  • Elf Patty Straightseam(Photo with Santa in his new red vest she just finished.) A Master Seamstress, she works with Elf Jerome Coldman to create outfits for Santa and Mrs. Claus and others.
  • Elf Mather Hotwheels(Photo of him in his wheelchair with Santa.) Since January 1, 2018 Santa's Head Sleigh Driver. He is responsible for sometimes driving the sleigh on Christmas Eve as well as taking the sleigh and reindeer on long (over 20,000 miles) exercise flights. (He is the Elf in the wheelchair.)
  • Elf Elkanah (Doesn't use his first name)(Photo of him in green candy cane vest with candy cane walking cane.) Retired Master Toy Maker. He sometimes travels to special events with Santa to explain how we decide which toys to make.
  • Elf Andorf Crystalhoffen — Keeps Santa's schedule for all his trips and visits EXCEPT for Christmas Eve. A special team puts together Santa's Christmas Eve flight plan every year and then sends a copy to NORAD so they can track Santa and keep airplanes out of his flight path.
  • Elf Crystal Frost — Santa's and Mrs. Claus' personal hairdresser.
  • Elf Halla Bluesky ( Photo of her with long brown hair and red knit cap sitting with Santa.) Was responsible for the reindeer but now works with Elf Crystal Frost.
  • Elf Johann Twinkletoes (Photo of him in green and black striped shirt, black vest and red knit cap.) Took over from Elf Halla and works with the reindeer.
  • Elf Baez Icelight (Wearing red and white striped shirt in photo with Santa.) Responsible for all the sports activities at the North Pole. She also sometimes travels with Santa when he goes to visit with children as she speaks Elf, English and Spanish. By the way, she is a fantastic ice hockey player.
  • Elf Mary Somerville Starcount — mathematics teacher and statistician. Her father, who was the math teacher before he retired, named her after Mary Fairfax Somerville, a famous mathematician who lived in the 1800’s.
  • Elf Johanna Fastnotes(Wearing blue shirt and holding bells and key in photo with Santa.) Music teacher and pianist.
  • Elf Eli Goldfinger — Accountant and bookkeeper at the North Pole.
  • Elf Luis Greenthumb — Manager of our hothouses where we grow fresh fruits and vegetables year round.
  • Elf Paul Bookman — Coordinator with North Pole Marketing for listing Santa’s Approved Gifts on the internet. (List being updated for 2018)
  • Elf Dusty Everywhere – Helps Mrs. Claus around the house, doing whatever she needs (which isn't very much).