Fun Family Things to Do


At the North Pole we have television from all over the world. But instead of just sitting watching TV, we prefer to get together in small groups and play games, read books together, put together puzzles or talk about what is happening in each of our lives. After all, we are just one big, okay -- HUGE, family. Enjoy some of the ideas on this page.

Christmas Coloring Page

Enjoy coloring in this picture of Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Original Photo of Santa & Mrs Claus (jpg)


Colored Copy of Coloring Page of Santa & Mrs. Claus (pdf)


Coloring Page of Santa & Mrs. Claus (pdf)


Fun Games for Families

Enjoy these games, suitable for all ages -- maybe the youngest can even beat Dad or Mom.

You need two decks of cards and six dice.

Santa's Card Games for Children and Families (pdf)


Santa's Dice Games for Children & Families (pdf)


Books, Games & Puzzles

Read Aloud to Younger Children

Uncle Wiggily Bedtime Stories


These stories have been read to at least 4 generations and each generation loves them as much as the ones before.

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Great Game for Younger Players

Uncle Wiggily Game


Once children hear you read them a story about Uncle Wiggily, they will LOVE this game. They often pick this game over Candy Land.

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Read Aloud with Older Children

Little Britches

A favorite of children and adults for several generations.

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A Game for the Entire Family

Ticket To Ride

A fun, fast game in which the youngest player, after understanding the strategy, may beat the oldest. Santa recommends the Europen version because he says the US version is too easy.

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Puzzles for All Ages

Santa Puzzle

Set up a card table in a corner and put a puzzle on it, Don't say a word but watch the fun grow as family members discover it and get "hooked" on putting it together.

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