Life at the North Pole — Like Living with a BIG family

Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elf Johann

By Elf Candice Cane

At any given time at our home at the North Pole there are over 100 reindeer, about 1,000 Elves, lots of dogs and cats, some live fish in tanks and other pets. It is just like any small town where everyone knows everyone and everyone helps get done whatever needs doing.

Santa Claus does not make toys. He is really not a very good toy maker. But he does a great job of testing them (to me it looks a lot like he is playing with them) and he makes sure they are all built well.

About 600 Elves make the toys. The other Elves help with all the other jobs needed in a large family like ours — washing, cleaning, cooking, mending, building and more.

It is important that you understand that Elves do not work for Santa Claus. A long time ago Elves and Santa Claus came to an agreement — Elves make the toys and Santa Claus delivers them each Christmas Eve to children all over the world.

Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Elves all work together to keep the North Pole running smoothly all year round.

<-- The photo on the left is Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elf Johann Twinkletoes getting ready to leave on a trip to Northern Colorado.